The Rt. Rev. Ronald H. Haines

Retired Episcopal Bishop of Washington

The Rt. Rev. Ronald H. Haines was elected the Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Washington in 1990. Haines was installed on November 15, 1990, succeeding the late John Thomas Walkers.

During Bishop Haines’ tenure, the National Cathedral Foundation underwent significant transitions including the completion and construction of the Cathedral and the installment of the Very Rev. Nathan Baxter as Dean and Chief Administration Officer of the Foundation.

Bishop Haines also led the Diocese of Washington through the nation’s major social issues. He confronted racism in and out of the Church, fostered gender equality, and worked to make the Church a place of welcome regardless of sexual orientation. Bishop Haines believed that the quest for spiritual discernment and the right response to issues facing the Church would not be without struggle and controversy.

As an ordained person, Bishop Haines served parishes in New York and North Carolina before coming to Washington, D.C. He completed his initial seminary work at the Mercer School of Theology in the Diocese of Long Island before earning the M.Div and S.T.M. degrees from both the General Theological Seminary and the Virginia Theological Seminary. Bishop Haines earned his undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Delaware. For ten years, he pursued a secular career along with an increasingly active lay ministry.

Bishop Haines died on March 21, 2008. He is survived by his wife, Mary T. Haines, and their six children.

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