Providing support to one another, especially in times of crisis, illness, or grief, is at the heart of our lives together as a Cathedral congregation.

Is pastoral care appropriate for me?

Please let us know:

  • When you are anticipating or experience the death of someone near to you
  • When you or someone in your family is ill, hospitalized or facing surgery
  • When a child is born. We’d like the opportunity to make a visit to welcome your new member of the family
  • When you are struggling with decisions about health care and faith
  • When you lose a job, your home or significant relationship, or are going through significant changes in your life
  • When you are having a crisis of faith

Requesting Prayers

If you would like the support of the congregation for whatever you are experiencing, the Prayer Team Ministry invites you to submit a prayer request. You may also submit names of others so that this group will devote part of their private daily prayer in response to these requests. Confidentiality is respected when requested.

To request congregational prayers, please email the Prayer Team Ministry.

To request a prayer by a clergy or layperson at weekday Intercessory Prayers, visit the Worship page.

Lay Pastoral Ministry

Home Communion (Eucharistic Visits)

For those unable to be physically present for worship services at the Cathedral throughout the year, Eucharistic visitors are sent forth every Sunday to share the Sacrament with fellow congregation members.

Healing Ministers

Healing ministers are available on Sundays following the 9 and 11:15 am services to offer special petitions and laying on of hands.

Stephen Ministry

If you are going through a crisis or a difficult time, you can request to meet with a Stephen Minister. These trained congregation members serve as fellow travelers if you need help working through a crisis such as grief, divorce, unemployment, hospitalization, terminal illness, a loss of faith or any other difficulty. They meet with you once a week for about an hour, offering distinctively Christian care and support.

Request a Stephen Minister 

Pastoral Needs

The pastoral care team is comprised of the Vicar, Dana Corsello, her clergy colleagues and other trained lay persons.  Please email the Vicar if you have a pastoral concern.