The Rev. Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood

senior pastor, St. Paul Community Baptist Church & Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York

The Rev. Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood, senior pastor of the St. Paul Community Baptist Church and Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, has fostered the growth of the congregations and the inception of community programs. He is recognized on the national political front because of his work with East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC), an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation. He spearheaded the Nehemiah Housing Project, which constructs owner-occupied single family homes in three of the most devastated communities in Brooklyn. He serves as a national spokesman for the group and in 1990 was recognized and written up in the Congressional Record for his trailblazing work with the project. The Reverend Dr. Youngblood is the subject of the book, Upon This Rock: The Miracles of a Black Church, written by Samuel G. Freedman. In December of 1995, Dr. Youngblood was featured in The New Yorker magazine as one of the “ten most influential” New Yorkers.