The Rev. Canon William Barnwell

Former Canon Missioner

As Canon Missioner (now retired) the Rev. William H. Barnwell established and coordinated metropolitan ministries and projects aimed at addressing the issues of poverty, health care, and social and economic justice in the city of Washington and throughout the capital region.

Before joining the Cathedral staff in July of 2005, Canon Barnwell was involved in similar ministries at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he taught adult Christian formation while also serving as an adjunct professor at the University of New Orleans.

Canon Barnwell retired from full-time ministry in 2002 after serving six years as associate rector of Trinity Church, Copley Square in Boston. In that position he developed lay leadership programs in the areas of anti-racism, outreach and parish life concentrating on the Disciples of Christ in Community Program (DOCC) sponsored by the School of Theology at the University of the South. He was a citywide leader in the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, a branch of the Industrial Areas Foundation, and also served as the Dean of Boston’s Episcopal clergy. Key among his ministries was the organization of several community outreach programs including The Trinity Education for Excellence program (TEEP) for middle school students, The Trinity Pastoral Counseling Center for low-income individuals in crisis, and the Trinity Grants Committee.

A graduate of the University of the South and Tulane University, Canon Barnwell earned his Master of Divinity cum laude from Virginia Theological Seminary. A renowned teacher and lecturer, he has developed a number of programs to assist under-prepared inner city students make the transition to college. He is the author of a memoir of his early ministry entitled In Richard’s World, and three college English texts: Writing for a Reason, Reflections: A Thematic Reader, and The Resourceful Writer.

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