The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

Former Precentor of Washington National Cathedral

The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade is responsible for each of the approximately 2000 services that take place in Washington National Cathedral each year. Appointed by Cathedral dean Sam Lloyd in 2005, Carol designs the liturgy and oversees the work of musicians, worship staff and volunteers for services such as the investiture and installation of Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, the funeral of President Gerald R. Ford, the Cathedral’s Centennial celebrations, and its Convocation on Global Poverty as well as for regularly scheduled services.

Canon Wade received her Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology degrees from Yale Divinity School and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music and her Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. Prior to her ministry at Washington National Cathedral, she served in various capacities at Christ Church, New Haven, Connecticut, St. Luke-in-the-Fields, New York City, St. Cross, Hermosa Beach, California, and All Saints’ Beverly Hills.

In addition to her responsibilities at the Cathedral. Canon Wade is also the Chaplain to the House of Bishops where she preaches, leads bible study, designs worship, and pastors the bishops of The Episcopal Church at their biannual meetings.

past cathedral appearances

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

December 13, 2009

Advent III: We, too, need songs of joy and exultation as we so eagerly await the new light piercing through the dark.

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

November 29, 2009

Advent I: We were daring to imagine a future we could not yet see, where a tiny slip of a seed could hold out such a vision of God’s love for this world.

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

August 30, 2009

Pentecost XIII: Saint Benedict, another great master of Christian spirituality, reminds us that as we seem to make spiritual progress we need to stay disciplined, but we must also pace ourselves and not be too tough or demanding.

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

April 26, 2009

Easter III: So what lessons can we learn from the lilies? … In the bleakest of times they break forth out of frozen soil and bloom triumphantly as they reveal signs of new life.

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

February 22, 2009

The Last Sunday After the Epiphany: She reached out her hand and touched the stone bathed in color, and she began to trace its light and its movement, and she was so immersed in this light that she seemed to glow from within.

Sermon: The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade

November 30, 2008

Advent I

The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade: “Banner Moments”

February 3, 2008

Epiphany IV

Canon Wade: “Banner Moments”

January 3, 2008

Sermon preached on January 3, 2008 by The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade.

Canon Wade: “The Considered Life”

November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

The Rev. Canon Carol L. Wade: “Breathing Lessons”

September 2, 2007

Pentecost XVI

Canon Wade: “The Voice of the Shepherd”

April 29, 2007

Easter IV