The Rev. Dr. Andrew K. Barnett

Associate for Worship and Music

The Rev. Andrew K. “Andy” Barnett is a priest, musician, and teacher. Hailing from Minnesota, he earned degrees in music and environmental studies at Oberlin, then attended Yale Divinity School, Yale Environment School and Yale Institute of Sacred Music. As founding director of the Theodicy Jazz Collective, Andy works to expand Anglican tradition while honoring the beauty of what has come before.

He has performed broadly across the United States and England, including a commissioned jazz mass (with William Cleary) for Canterbury Cathedral. Incorporating sounds from jazz, gospel, Latin America and Africa, the music is a constant prayer, sometimes a cry of joy, sometimes a shout for action, sometimes a deep, silent, hope. In his environmental work, he researched and wrote for the Presidential Climate Action Project- a menu of policy options that was presented to President Obama and informed that administration’s climate action. He also served on the Presiding Bishop’s delegation to the UN climate summits in France, Morocco, and Germany.

Beyond work, he loves running, dogs, cooking and rooting for the Minnesota Twins.

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