Margaret Bergan Davis

Former Associate Dean for Cathedral Advancement

Margaret Bergan Davis joined the Cathedral staff as Associate Dean in the
summer of 2006 charged with the mission of creating and leading an Office of
Cathedral Advancement responsible for engagement in the areas of membership
and development, public affairs and marketing. She has been active in
institutional advancement both as a practitioner and consultant for more
than twenty-five years, managing and counseling cultural, educational, human
service and faith-based institutions throughout her career.

Prior to joining the Cathedral, she was vice president of the Washington,
D.C. office of Campbell & Company where she served as counsel to the
Cathedral Dean and to the Development and Membership Department. Her
consulting career also included work to help advance Arena Stage, Kennedy
School of Government—Center for Public Leadership, the Arizona-Sonora
Desert Museum, National Children’s Museum, Episcopal Diocese of
Chicago, Episcopal Charities and Community Services, Federation of State
Humanities Councils, and numerous other organizations.

Ms. Davis served eight seasons under Zarin Mehta as director of
development and community outreach for the Ravinia Festival, one of
America’s premier music festivals.

She graduated from Milton Academy (where she has also served as a
trustee) and received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke
College, both of which are in Massachusetts.