Lew Baylor

Chair of the Cathedral Congregation Committee (CCC)

Lew Baylor joined the newly-formed Washington National Cathedral congregation in September of 2005 with his wife Mary after a lifetime in the Diocese of Virginia. Together, they later became members of the first Vicar’s Advisory Council (now evolved to the Cathedral Congregation Committee [CCC]). He served on that committee for nearly a decade and was pleased to rejoin it in 2017.

He is currently the Chair of the CCC and as such, represents the congregation and the CCC on the Chapter of the Cathedral. He served as the Chair of the congregation’s early stewardship efforts and facilitated programs, including Disciples of Christ in Community (DOCC) and the Alpha series. Together with Mary, he serves regularly as Lay Eucharistic Ministers.

He worked for 29 years as a real estate and environmental attorney at the Department of Justice before retiring a few years ago. He and Mary remain very active in gun violence prevention work and playing with their four small grandchildren.