Kim E. Carlson

Former Director of Budget and Finance

In the autumn of 2001, Kim E. Carlson was hired as the
Cathedral’s Budget and Finance Officer, with a charge to develop,
implement, and oversee the Cathedral’s budget throughout each
cycle. The job involved analyzing departmental budgets and monitoring
the use of restricted monies given by donors for specific purposes. Ms. Carlson became Director of Budget and Finance and joined the Cathedral’s Senior
Staff in 2002.

Her previous jobs include service as a managerial-level consultant in
finance and operations and as the controller for HealthOnline, Inc., in
Columbia, Maryland, where she managed accounting, finance, and corporate
administration systems. In an earlier position, she worked as a crisis
intervention counselor for the Sexual Assault Crisis Center and as
controller for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Ms. Carlson is a magna cum laude graduate of Pace University in
Pleasantville, New York, with a bachelor’s degree in business