Julie A. Collins

I have lived in the Washington, DC area for most of my life so the Cathedral has always been a favorite landmark. However, until September, 2006, the Cathedral was only a venue for great concerts and beautiful art. In the fall of 2006, my spiritual journey intersected with the Cathedral community with the 16-week DOCC (Disciples of Christ in Community) course. Via the grapevine, I had heard great things about the DOCC program and, as a professional religious educator and spiritual director, I was eager to experience DOCC first-hand. DOCC exceeded all my expectations and introduced me to a wonderful community of seekers. My primary passion has continued to be spiritual formation and I have been privileged to teach and/or facilitate several courses at the WNC.

After DOCC one evening, I was walking to my car and looked up in awe at the Cathedral. It was lit by a bright moon and wind was moving the clouds through the towers. It struck me then that the Cathedral is like a mountain and also like a ship: a mountain, rooted in tradition and centered in God’s mercy; a ship, unafraid of the journey and leaning bravely into the wind.