Heijia Wheeler

My academic training was as a biologist with an emphasis in plant physiology and biochemistry. I served as a classroom instructor and then at various levels of college administration in Montgomery County, Maryland, and in Florida.

I have been coming to the Cathedral off and on since the late 1950s and have worshipped at the Cathedral regularly since returning to the DC area after 35 years in Florida. Active in Urban Ministries and Christian Formation, I have been involved with Cathedral Literacy and participated in Disciples of Christ in Community (DOCC) and have been a facilitator for Transforming Literature of the Bible (TLB). I have also volunteered regularly in the Worship Department.

Music has always been special in my Cathedral experience. In the 1950s, I came to the Sunday afternoon organ recitals and have enjoyed them ever since. The choirs, ranging from the volunteer choir to the professional choirs are integral and inspiring components of the worship services.