Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett is professor of English at Baylor University, where he
teaches fiction, screenwriting, film, and literature, as well as a
popular speaker and spiritual retreat leader. He is the author of the
novels Free Bird, Cycling, and Shame (2009), as well as the non-fiction
books The Gospel Reloaded (with Chris Seay), The Gospel According to
Hollywood, Stories from the Edge,
and We Get to Carry Each Other: The
Gospel According to U2
(2009), among others. His many recognitions
include Outstanding Baylor Faculty Member (1994), a Pirate’s Alley
William Faulkner Prize for Fiction, a regional CASE gold medal for
nonfiction, and election to the Texas Institute of Letters for lifetime
literary achievement (2005). Garrett is a licensed lay preacher in the
Episcopal Church.