Canon R. Carter Echols

Former Canon Missioner of Washington National Cathedral

Canon R. Carter Echols has served as missioner and director of metropolitan
ministries at Washington National Cathedral since 1997. As canon missioner,
she serves as the dean’s deputy for mission and outreach to the Washington
metropolitan area and acts as liaison between the Cathedral and the community
organizations and national social ministries with which it partners. Her more
than twenty years in direct service ministries include 8 1/2 years as executive
director of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, a partnership of thirty-seven
congregations. Integrating a BA in religious studies from University of Virginia
and an MBA from William and Mary, Canon Echols enjoys helping individuals and
organizations discern the ministries to which God is calling them.

Canon Echols is the diocesan jubilee officer for the Diocese of Washington and
serves on the Mayor’s Religious Affairs Council for the District of Columbia.
She is also a member of the National Episcopal Church’s Jubilee Advisory
Committee and its coordinating team for JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of
Creation) ministries in Province 111. She is an adjunct faculty member at Virginia
Theological Seminary and belongs to the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society.

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