Canon Kathleen Cox

Former Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen Cox was executive director and chief operating officer of Washington National Cathedral. Along with the Cathedral’s dean, she provided strategic direction and leadership for the Cathedral. Kathleen also offered central coordination and leadership of the Cathedral staff and ensured on the dean’s behalf that the Cathedral’s strategic priorities were implemented. She was charged with fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment and ensuring that the daily operations of the Cathedral were managed efficiently. Canon Cox supervised all Cathedral staff in all matters except those of an ecclesiastical nature.

Kathleen and her family have been part of the Cathedral family for a long time, with four children having attended Beauvoir, St. Albans, and the National Cathedral School. Kathleen holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, a law degree from the University of Chicago, and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University. She has a broad legal background and extensive experience in non-profit management, most recently serving as the President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.