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Vanessa B. Andrews

Chief Development Officer

Charlotte S. Atkinson

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Valerie Ciccone

Director, Office of Event Management

The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope


The Rev. Canon Dana Colley Corsello

Canon Vicar

Michelle Dibblee

Director of Cathedral Programs

The Rev. Canon Kelly Brown Douglas

Canon Theologian

The Rev. Canon Rosemarie Logan Duncan

Canon for Worship

Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Communications Officer

The Rev. Canon Leonard L. Hamlin, Sr.

Canon Missioner and Minister of Equity and Inclusion

The Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith


Michelle Kayon

Director of Facilities and Preservation

Canon Michael McCarthy

Canon for Music and Director of Institutional Planning

Joseph A. Peralta

Director, Cathedral Scholars Program

The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde

Bishop of Washington and Standing Member of the Executive Committee

The Rev. Patrick Keyser

Priest Associate

The Rev. Mark S. Anschutz

Lew Baylor

Chair of the Cathedral Congregation Committee (CCC)

Doro Bush Koch

Dr. Ana Caskin

Brooke B. Coburn

Amanda R. Delk

John Donoghue

Andrew C. Florance


Patrick W. Gross

Chair, Governance Committee

The Rev. Dr. Michele Hagans

The Rev. Dr. Martha J. Horne

Paul D. Horvath

Gwendolyn King

Dr. Steven Knapp

Virginia C. Mars


Janet L. McGregor

Chair, Finance Committee

Hollis McLoughlin

Dr. Eric L. Motley

The Hon. Thomas Pickering

The Hon. Margaret Richardson

Vice Chair

Dr. Barry K. Rogstad

Chair, Development Committee

Robert Shorb, Jr.

Chair, Facilities and Fine Arts Committee

Jan C. Smith

Judy A. Smith

Rafael Suarez, Jr.

John Thorne

John K. Villa

David F. Webb