On this, the 60th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech, Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith says the dream is alive and well -- but needs our work.

Preaching from the Cathedral’s Canterbury Pulpit yesterday, on the eve of the anniversary:

“Martin Luther King said that Jesus Christ was an extremist for love and truth and goodness. He didn’t come to make us wealthy or happy. He didn’t come to punish us for our sins or to wrap himself in the American flag. He came in fact, to save us from ourselves and to teach us how to walk in the way of love. 

There are powerful forces in our country right now that would achieve their ends by dividing us, tribalizing us, ripping apart the fabric of our society by uplifting prejudice and hatred and fear. But that is not our way. That is not the way of Christ.

So how do we march forward and continue the work to make Dr. King’s dream a reality?

We recommit to following the Jesus of love who sees the ultimate value of every human being and demands that we do the same whether they are our best friends or our worst enemies.

We recommit to following the Jesus who seeks and speaks the truth, standing up for justice, naming the lie, calling out and refusing to accept anything that demeans or degrades or devalues another person no matter what they look like, what they think, or who they love.

We recommit to being the hands and feet of Christ in the world, striving to create and lift up goodness wherever we can.”


Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Public Affairs Officer

  • racial justice