Support the Cathedral Congregation

Congregational gifts to the Cathedral are the lifeblood of our ministries. Your gift is the beautiful music that centers us on a Sunday morning, the sermon that stirs the spirit and nurtures the soul, and the liturgy that brings us deeper into our walk with Christ.

Even though we cannot gather together in person for worship at this time, our congregation’s heartbeat is still strong within the Cathedral. And as our clergy team, worship and music departments continue to provide live-streamed services to our own cathedral family and to new friends around the country and the world, your congregation gifts are even more important to support this ministry.

While the building is not open, our ministries continue. We are unable to pass a physical plate, but you can continue to fulfill your pledge and make additional donations using this online giving page. Please continue to make your regular pledge payments. If you are able, consider an additional one-time gift above and beyond your pledge to support your Cathedral home during this unprecedented time.

Regular monthly credit card payments will continue as scheduled. If you have any questions about your congregational pledge, please contact Emily Davis at or (202) 537-5792.

thank you for your gift