The seven-foot statue of President George Washington is one of the few free-standing statues in the Cathedral and one of several memorials to the nation’s first President.

Sculpted of white Vermont marble in 1947, the statue reflects various aspects of Washington’s life, which are inscribed into the based below: First Citizen, Churchman, President, Statesman, Farmer, Soldier, Patriot and Freemason.

“I have tried to show not the soldier, not the President, but the man Washington, coming into Christ Church, Alexandria, pausing a moment before going down the aisle to his pew,” said sculptor Lee Lawrie (1877-1963).

The surrounding Washington Bay alcove is full of symbols from Washington’s life, including the Washington family coat of arms, a figure of a farmer holding a tobacco leaf and a figure outfitted in the uniform of a Continental Army officer. Visitors will also spot the facades of Mount Vernon and Independence Hall, as well a seal of 13 stars in the floor representing the young country Washington was called to govern.