Completed in 1932, “Last Judgment” contains more than 70 subjects, of which approximately two-thirds of which are figures and the rest symbols. At the center is a figure of Christ as judge, wearing a crown of gold and holding a scepter. Around him, angels, prophets and apostles circle outward. The figures in the lower half of the window offer images of the wages of sin, leading to the fires of Hell at the very bottom. The top half presents lessons on the joys of salvation, with an image of the golden city of Heaven at the very top.

Artisan Lawrence B. Saint had trouble creating just the right shade of yellow for the window. After months of disappointment, a visitor stopped by with dozens of tiny pieces of glass from the famed Chartes Cathedral in France. The windows at Chartes had been removed for safety during World War I, and small bits had broken off. Saint analyzed the chemical composition of these fragments and was able to produce the exact variations of yellow he had been seeking.