Damage from the Aug. 23, 2011 earthquake was most severe high atop the 300-foot Gloria in Excelsis central tower, which was completed in 1964.

The four grand pinnacles, eight middle-sized balustrade pinnacles and 24 small balustrade pinnacles are decorated with almost 400 carved angels figures.

As the energy from the 5.8-magntitude quake worked its way through the ground and traveled upward, it was released in the highest and most slender components of the Cathedral. Delicate pinnacles on the Cathedral’s towers and transepts, each weighing thousands of pounds, spun and burst apart from the seismic force unleashed in less than a minute.

The Cathedral completed Phase I of earthquake repairs in June 2015, which focused on damaged flying buttresses and the Cathedral’s interior. Phase II, which will include rebuilding the damaged pinnacles atop the central tower, is expected to cost upwards of $22 million and take a decade or more to complete.