For centuries, the faithful have made their way to cathedrals for a pilgrimage of prayer and devotion. Journey with us on a weekly pilgrimage experience as we trace the life of Christ through the Cathedral's nine chapels.

Vicar Dana Corsello in Holy Spirit Chapel

Week 9: Holy Spirit Chapel

The final stop in the Cathedral Chapels Pilgrimage, Canon Dana Colley Corsello leads us on a Pentecost exploration of Holy Spirit Chapel, filled with images of doves.

The Rev. Patrick Keyser in St. Mary’s Chapel

Week 8: St. Mary’s Chapel

St. Mary’s Chapel features some of the most elaborate artwork in the Cathedral, from stained glass to carved wood and Renaissance tapestries. You’re invited to trace the life of the Virgin Mary with the Rev. Patrick Keyser.

Provost Jan Cope in War Memorial Chapel

Week 7: War Memorial Chapel

Cathedral Provost Jan Naylor Cope leads us on an exploration of the images of service and sacrifice found in our War Memorial Chapel, where the artwork is filled with details from military history.

Dean Randy Hollerith in Children’s Chapel

Week 6: Children’s Chapel

Next up in the Chapels Pilgrimage is one of the most beloved spaces in the Cathedral. Dean Randy Hollerith invites you to discover the “small wonders” of Children’s Chapel, where many details are scaled to the size of a six-year-old child.

Dean Randy Hollerith in St. John’s Chapel

Week 5: St. John’s Chapel

Dean Randy Hollerith invites you to explore St. John’s Chapel, where hand-stitched artistry honors American icons, and where the godfather of the U.S. Air Force was laid to rest.

The Rev. Patrick Keyser in Good Shepherd Chapel

Week 4: Good Shepherd Chapel

Good Shepherd Chapel is the smallest chapel in the Cathedral, but also one of the most beloved for its quiet and intimacy. Join the Rev. Patrick Keyser in visiting Good Shepherd, where the touch of pilgrims literally has left an impression on the space. 

Vicar Dana Corsello in Bethlehem Chapel

Week 3: Bethlehem Chapel

It’s the oldest part of the Cathedral, but Bethlehem Chapel remains the beating heart of Cathedral life. Vicar Dana Corsello invites you to explore this jewel box of a chapel, including an area behind the altar that most visitors don’t see! 

Provost Jan Cope in Resurrection Chapel

Week 2: Resurrection Chapel

Provost Jan Cope continues on the second stop in our nine-week chapel pilgrimage in Resurrection Chapel, one of the most beloved spaces in the Cathedral. As we celebrate the risen Christ, discover the spectacular mosaics that tell of Jesus’ appearances after Easter Sunday.

Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith in St. Joseph’s Chapel

Week 1: the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea

Dean Randy Hollerith begins our nine-week pilgrimage in St. Joseph’s Chapel (formally the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea), the lowest point in the Cathedral and the final resting place of Helen Keller, Matthew Shepard and countless others. It’s a fitting way to begin this series, during Holy Week, as we trace Christ’s steps from the cross to the borrowed tomb of St. Joseph.