Alonso, Joseph      Head Stone Mason

Andrews, Vanessa B.      Chief Development Officer

Atkinson, Charlotte    Chief Financial Officer

Barnett, The Rev. Andrew K.      Associate for Worship and Music

Benson, Jeffrey P.      Manager, Prospect Management and Research

Betts, Sunny S.      Communications Coordinator

Callahan, Sean      Stonemason      

Caracciolo, Sandra N.      Music Program Manager

Ciccone, Valerie A.      Deputy Director, Office of Event Management

Cope, The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor      Provost

Corsello, The Rev. Canon Dana    Vicar

Cota, Cynthia      Program Analyst

Dibblee, Michelle Director of Cathedral Programs

Dougherty, Nancy M.      Database Administrator

Douglas, The Very Rev. Canon Kelly Brown      Canon Theologian

Duncan, The Rev. Rosemarie Logan     Canon for Worship

Echave, Matt      Director of Video Services

Eckstrom, Kevin      Chief Communications Officer

Fergus, George     Assistant Organist

Fergus, Kerry A Event and Hospitality Manager 

Ford, Gary D.      Supervisor, Sextons and Events Set-up

Fowler, Wayne      Executive Assistant to the Vicar

Fulcher Jr., Charles E.      Director of Visitor Programs

Ghassemi, Giso     Director of Finance

Glosh, Brian R.      Chorister Program Manager

Hollerith, The Very Rev. Randolph Marshall      Dean

Huffman, Mark G.      Technical Director/Audio Engineer

Isbister, Melissa J.      Program Associate, Tour and Tea

Jackson, Michelle C.      Manager, Development Systems

Kirsch, Sara T.      Cathedral Receptionist

Kochan, Marilyn H.      Planned Giving Officer

Kwak, Jacob     Staff Accountant

LaRosa, Dosha A.      Visitor Programs Coordinator

Lewallen, Michael      Human Resources and Administration Specialist

McCarthy, Michael D.      Director of Music

McNamara, Mimi      Creative Director

Mills, Tish      Executive Assistant to the Dean

Mondel, Allison M.      Singing Teacher

Munske, Erica      Senior Manager for Donor Engagement

Nassor, Edward M.      Carillonneur

Newbill, Cissy      Donor Relations and Stewardship Officer

Ney, Diane      Head Archivist

Peralta, Joseph A.      Director of Cathedral Scholars Program

Persaud, Aneisha B.      Events and Hospitality Manager

Pickeral, Tia C.      Operations Manager

Rockwood, Sarah J.      Front of House Manager

Roeckelein, Linda      Manager, Altar and Flower Guilds

Rose, Dan      Director of Event Management

Smith, Patrick       Preservation Research Specialist

Shepherd, James W.      Director of Preservation and Facilities

Sokol, Rob      Chief Operating Officer

Solórzano, Daniela      Senior Acccounting Manager

Squire, Jennifer Michaelree     Visitor Programs Manager

Straley, Benjamin P.      Organist and Associate Director of Music

Stuart, Laura C.      Singing Teacher

Suter, Chuyoung C.      Coordinator of Piano Studies

Swimmer, Joe     Major Gifts Officer, Development

Thomas, Danielle       Creative and Design Manager

Thomas, Kevin R.      Assistant to the Canon Precentor and Administrative Verger

Thomas, Torrence N.      Head Verger

Uhl, Philip Andrew      Stonemason      

Wilson, Angela T.      Events and Special Services Manager

Wyeth, Nathaniel R.      Senior Associate Gift Officer