Washington, D.C. — The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of Washington National Cathedral, today released the following statement on the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, this week.

The shooting by police of an unarmed young man in Ferguson, Missouri, is a personal, social, and national tragedy. Washington National Cathedral joins all Americans in mourning the death of Michael Brown. We understand the anger of those who have protested the shooting, and we decry both the violence to which some protesters resorted and the aggressive and militaristic response of the local police. We rejoice that a new collaborative approach between citizens and the state police has resulted in a cessation of the violence in Ferguson.

All of us at the cathedral join Michael Brown’s family and friends in holding him and his community in prayer. We also pledge to continue striving for racial justice in America. And we call on all Americans to work for peace, justice, and cross-cultural understanding in the days ahead.

SOURCE: Washington National Cathedral