WASHINGTON — Washington National Cathedral today launched its Prayers for Our Heroes page, which allows visitors to the Cathedral’s website to build out a personalized prayer for those whose actions are heroic in the face of the pandemic threat, including doctors, nurses and other first responders, those working in agriculture or food supply, those in transportation and delivery, and sanitation workers.

Prayers can be created for those living and in memory of those who have died. The page takes information about each hero and emails a personalized prayer to the visitor who submitted it.

“As a house of prayer for all people, Washington National Cathedral is working through this difficult time to reach all people in need of prayer,” said the Very Rev. Randolph “Randy” Marshall Hollerith, dean of Washington National Cathedral.

“Behind each hero who is able to go out and do an essential job in healthcare, foodservice, transportation, agriculture and sanitation are the prayers of those who depend on them and are grateful for their heroic service. I invite all of us to pray for our heroes, knowing that God hears our prayers.”

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