Formed in 1899, the National Cathedral Association (NCA) was a major contributor in building the Cathedral. The NCA now unites a network of steadfast supporters who want to preserve this national treasure and enhance its mission.

Over 83 years of construction and 25 years since the placement of the final finial, NCA members have provided essential construction, preservation and operating funds to the Cathedral. Just as vitally, these dedicated friends have been the Cathedral’s chief ambassadors across the country, bringing the Cathedral’s vision and work to hundreds of thousands of people.

NCA membership reached its apex at approximately 30,000 people in the years immediately following the Cathedral’s completion and consecration in 1990. Since then, the NCA has adopted a variety of institutional models, including a brief hiatus and restructure in the mid- 2000s.

Yet throughout, the NCA has remained a vital, committed and essential organization for friends of the Cathedral across the country, pledged to support the Cathedral’s work, to tell its story and to be valued partners in the Cathedral’s ministry.

In late 2013, the Cathedral turned again to the NCA to provide its familiar name to a reinvigorated effort to bring together all Cathedral supporters and friends with a unified and tiered set of benefits for all donors. The revamped NCA provides unique and cherished access and opportunities for supporters and appropriate recognition for members’ commitment to this house of prayer for all people.