Fifty years ago this spring, on March 31, 1968, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached what would be his final Sunday sermon, Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution, at Washington National Cathedral just days before his assassination in Memphis. That Friday, April 5th, thousands came to the Cathedral for a national service to mourn this preacher, prophet and man of faith. People filled the Cathedral; thousands spilled out onto the Pilgrim Steps.

In this 50th year since Dr. King’s death, Washington National Cathedral  will host a series of programs reflecting on his leadership and his faith. We take as our guide Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s call for racial healing, justice and reconciliation, embodied in the document Becoming Beloved Community. We have much to do as a community, and as a country, to live into Dr. King’s dream.

Please join us for any of the following programs; registration and RSVPs available at the links below:

#MLK50 Programs, Services and Events:

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Historic Resources: MLK at WNC

  • Audio recording of Dr. King’s final sermon, delivered at the National Cathedral on March 31, 1968
  • Letters protesting Dr. King’s visits in 1963 and 1968
  • 1968 press release announcing Dr. King’s invitation
  • Bishops’ joint statement on death of Dr. King
  • Dean Sayre’s telegram to Mrs. King inviting burial of Dr. King at WNC
  • Dean Sayre’s sermon after Dr. King’s death
  • Dean Hollerith’s Op-Ed about the significance of Dr. King’s sermon

Continuing the Conversation

  • A Long, Long Way: Race and Film, 1968-2018
    Register for the full conference, or RSVP to attend a film screening/panel discussion. More info
  • The Episcopal Church: Becoming Beloved Community
    Read the plan on The Episcopal Church’s long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation and justice
  • Washington National Cathedral’s “Race in America” initiative
  • Chronology of the Cathedral’s Lee-Jackson Windows Task Force, Discussions and Removal