Blue spring flowers on the Cathedral grounds

Today’s Gospel: John 1:35-42

Our gospel today provides the introductory encounter between Jesus and his first disciples. We find John the Baptist standing with two of the disciples. As Jesus walks by them, John says to them: “Look, here is the Lamb of God!” John’s disciples immediately leave him to follow Jesus. Jesus realizing that the two are following him, turns to them and asks a fundamental question of life, “What are you looking for?” Jesus looking deeply into their souls basically asks, “What is it you want for your life? What are you seeking?”

St. Augustine taught that our hearts are restless until they rest in God. That means that the human heart always seeks more until we encounter the source of love. For Andrew and the other disciple, their response comes in the form of a question to Jesus, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” It was probably easier to ask this than say, “We want to spend time with you. We want to know you.” Jesus knows what the disciples are looking for and so he replies, “Come and see.”

This simple invitation resulted in an encounter with Jesus that would change their lives forever. That same invitation is extended to us today as we begin our Lenten journey: If you want to know the Word made flesh, come and see Jesus. If you want to know what love is, come and see Jesus. If you want to know God’s forgiveness, come and see Jesus. If you want to know the heart of God, come and see Jesus. Come and see!


O most merciful redeemer, friend and brother,
may I know thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
and follow thee more nearly, day by day.
Amen. (A portion of the Prayer of Saint Richard of Chichester)