Blue spring flowers on the Cathedral grounds

Today’s Gospel: John 8:12-20

While growing up in New York City, there were two major blackouts when all the lights went out. I will never forget the chaos and confusion that followed and the numerous accounts of individuals attempting to find their way in the dark. There have been a countless number of times when I have tried to navigate my way in the darkness not across a city but just trying to get from one room to the next. No matter how well I thought I could manage my way, I can recall the moments of stumbling, falling and reaching awkwardly for anything to stabilize my movements.

Jesus on this evening declared, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” The words that were spoken were directed at many who were seeking to navigate their way through life’s dark moments. It is in our weakest and darkest moments that we yearn most for the light. There will be intervals when we will all experience darkness, but we can find confidence in knowing that if we are able to bring light into our circumstances, we will find our way. I am thankful that in my darkest moments, Jesus has been the light that has transformed the darkest night. When the light shines on us, we cast a shadow. But when the light shines through us, it helps us and everyone around us. Today, let Jesus be your light!


Eternal and everlasting God, who art the Father of all mankind, as we turn aside from the hurly-burly of everyday living, may our hearts and souls, yea our very spirits, be lifted upward to Thee, for it is from Thee that all blessing cometh. Keep us ever mindful of our dependence upon Thee, for without Thee our efforts are but naught. We pray for Thy divine guidance as we travel the highways of life. We pray for more courage. We pray for more faith and above all we pray for more love. May we somehow come to understand the true meaning of Thy love as revealed to us in the life, death and resurrection of Thy son and our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. May the Cross ever remind us of Thy great love, for greater love no man hath given. This is our supreme example, O God. May we be constrained to follow in the name and spirit of Jesus, we pray. (Coretta Scott King: “A Public Prayer for Divine Perspective”)