Daily Lenten Meditations

Washington National Cathedral clergy offer a written meditation each day in Lent. Catch up on previous days here, and sign up to receive an emailed meditation every morning.

The path from ashes to Alleluia is one that we walk together, in community. We make our way from the solemnity of Lent to the drama of Holy Week to the glory of Easter Sunday.

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Ash Wednesday

Today we acknowledge some of the deepest truths about ourselves, those we might otherwise choose to ignore, and commit once again to observe a holy Lent.

Follow Me

What questions would you have had for Jesus? What would have convinced you to follow this odd, but intriguing, stranger?

The Healing Power of Jesus

What have we allowed to take up God’s place in our hearts and lives?

Praying to Spiritually Ground Us

My intention is to ground myself in prayer before I begin my day to exercise my ministry at the Cathedral — with all that entails.

Digging Through the Roof

Who are the people in your life who would dig through the roof for you?

Doff Your Compliance Officer Badge

Let the Holy Spirit lead us to common sense, new life and even some good, clean frivolity to boot.

The World is Watching

The world is watching to see what we will say, what we will do.

I Chose You

Jesus chooses us and calls each one of us to service and mission

Till Before You Sow

We can’t just shout the Good News from the street corner and expect it to “grow” in passers by.

Growing in God's Word

Lent provides us with the opportunity to make the soil of our hearts more receptive to God’s Word and to remember that Jesus comes alongside us in the process.

Be still and know that God is God

When we encounter the storms in our lives and in the nation and global community, may we remember to call upon the one who repeatedly did still the storms and bring hope.


If we have the grace to surrender, to put ourselves into God’s hands, then we discover that what we get back is love, health, and redemption.

Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine!

There is no shame in casting a wide net—who knows whose prayers you might catch!

Stand Firm in Your Faith

Each day of Lent we must strengthen our faith so that we may stand firm in our faith, no matter what we face!

'His own people did not accept him’

Many people find family not among those of blood relation but in a family of choice.

Good Trouble

If we are NOT in trouble in Jesus’ name, is it really the Gospel we are preaching?

Come and Rest A While

“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.”

Jesus the Great Healer

This Lent, offer that which needs healing in your life to Jesus, the great healer who was and is and is to come.

Cheap Grace

Cheap grace is the illusion that because God’s love is free, I can be a Christian without ever living a Christian life.

Life and Death in the Power of the Tongue

Friends, it is as simple as this: we can, we must, use our voices to heal and be healed.

A Cause for Concern

The gospel Jesus shared invited us to join Him in this work.

Precious in God’s Sight

With God there is no competition, just a loving hand reaching out longing to heal us and our world.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

What would it look like today for US to take up our crosses — for those who are homeless, transgender, discriminated against, or Ukrainian?

Lenten Transformation

The Lenten journey is our opportunity to grow more into the image and likeness of Jesus so that we may help transform a world so much in need of his love.

I believe; help my unbelief!

One of the gifts of studying scripture is to be reminded that God is with us –in the midst of our triumphs and tragedies both.

Let It Go

Friends, these days of Lent are the perfect time to be honest with ourselves about the things we need to cut out of our lives.

Childlike Wonder, Love & Praise

It is never too late to surrender to childlike joy and wonder for our faith.

A Difficult Decision

What are we choosing to hold on to that keep us from experiencing beloved community, love of our neighbor, justice, and life abundant for every individual?

Servant of All

We who are likewise tempted by the allure of power, status, and influence must be ever mindful of Jesus’ corrective example…

What do you really want?

Avoiding the discomfort and fear of that vulnerability may keep us from getting what we really need to make our lives happier and more meaningful.

Trusting Jesus

Today we come to understand that when Jesus calls us, the request may sound impractical or at times impossible, but we have to trust is his authority, his care and his plans for us.

Forgiveness: Easier Said Than Done

If you are holding on to unforgiveness, including for yourself, pray that God will help you to let it go.

Grateful Hearts

If you are a person of prayer, how often do you begin your prayers with a simple thank you?

A love so basic yet so elusive

Can you claim this Lent that you’ve done all in your power to love God and your neighbor?

Never Stop Learning

In the closing days of the Lenten Season, let us be the witnesses that have truly learned and been transformed by Jesus’ teaching.

Things That Shall Endure

It is in God that we place our trust and our hope, knowing that while the things of this world pass away the mercy and love of God endure forever.

Keep Awake!!

Is Jesus calling you to genuinely aspire to being a “woke” person?

A Gift of Love

As we prepare to observe Christ’s coming passion and death, we might consider how we use what God has so generously given us in ways that are truly acts of devotion as well as service.

Making our way to Calvary and the Cross

Let us be on our way for we have much work to do to bring about the Kingdom of God in our troubled times.

The Journey to the Cross

Because of Jesus on the cross, our shattered lives can also be made into something holy.

It’s time to show up for Jesus

I want to challenge you this Holy Week, wherever you are, to go to church, even if only online.

A Consistent Witness

As disciples, we are invited to be followers of Jesus not for what we can get, but for what we have been gifted to give.

Wednesday in Holy Week

Jesus’ suffering and death offers freedom not just to the criminal Barabbas but to us all.

Maundy Thursday

The Roman and Temple leaders have all the power, but Jesus has all the authority.