Veterans Initiative

Join Washington National Cathedral –– online or in person –– on Nov. 11, 2018, as we celebrate the resilience of America's military families and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.


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Veterans Day 2018:
Sunday, November 11

World War I Commemorative Service
10:00 am

Washington National Cathedral, together with the World War One Centennial Commission, will mark the 100th commemoration of the Armistice that ended World War I with a Sacred Interfaith Service. Combining prayers, poetry, and musical offerings, the service seeks to recognize the pain and sacrifice of war and, ultimately, the hope of peace around the world. Ed Bilous of the Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts will direct the National Cathedral Choir in the inaugural performance of an orchestral work setting interfaith prayers to music.

During the service, at the centennial hour of the commemoration (11 am), Admiral Michael Mullen, USN (Ret.), will lead the nation in the Bells of Peace in the spirit of honor and remembrance. All around the country, churches, schools, municipal buildings, and others will participate in this national tolling of bells.

Other guest participants include Col. Jennifer Pritzker and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, the British Embassy, the Pershing Rifles Group.

Open to the public; passes are not required. Please note, this is NOT a service of Holy Eucharist.

National Veterans Day Concert
5:00 pm

The National Veterans Day Concert celebrates the indomitable spirit of our veterans, their triumph over adversity, their resilience and their love of country. Through words, music and images, “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Chamber Orchestra, Chaise Lounge Band, singer Emy Cee, rapper Soldier Hard and other entertainers will perform a varied and compelling veterans-themed program.  The concert is presented in collaboration with the WWI Centennial Commission and Veterans in Media and Entertainment.

The concert will highlight the parallel histories of the Washington National Cathedral and Veterans Day; the story of an Afghanistan War veteran who lost both legs in combat and who has become an actor and played a hospitalized Union soldier in the PBS production “Mercy Street”; the story of a multi-generational family whose members served in the military and returned to serve their community; the values and sacrifices of being in a military family; interviews with veterans visiting the memorials in Washington honoring those lost in the wars in which these veterans participated; and the story of a veteran who was injured in combat who is rebuilding his/her life as a parallel with the earthquake damage and rebuilding of the Cathedral.

PASSES ARE REQUIRED: reserve here.

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