COVID-19 Precautions

Outlined below are Washington National Cathedral’s cleaning procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guidelines were developed according to recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health and will be reevaluated as new guidance emerges.

  • All events and activities are designed to ensure adequate social distancing whenever possible.
  • Properly worn face masks are required of our staff, volunteers, visitors, worshippers and vendors.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers will be available to guests in the event space.
  • In addition to regular, thorough cleanings, staff  is frequently wiping down furniture and other commonly touched surfaces (such as door handles) using EPA-approved disinfectants. We have also upgraded our HVAC system air filters.
  • Public water fountains and hand driers will not be in use.
  • Any person attending in-person gatherings will be required to provide contact information for contacting tracing purposes.  All information will be kept on file for 30 days.