The Cathedral is pleased to provide educational tools for teachers, to help students get the most out of their visit and take home some valuable lessons.

Gothic Adventure

This three-part lesson introduces architectural concepts and explores the relationship between gothic architecture, math, science, and art. Each lesson is about an hour. Lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts are included in a downloadable PDF, along with a PowerPoint presentation featuring larger visual aids for use in conducting the lessons.


Content: lesson plans, supplemental visual aids

Grade level: fifth grade

Mathematics Standards:

Language Arts Standards:

Subjects: math, science, art, writing, architecture

Google Virtual Tour

Using hundreds of images woven together, explore the Cathedral (main and lower levels) from your own computer. Allow students to explore on their own, or lead your own virtual tour for them, highlighting the art and majesty of the world’s sixth-large cathedral.


Class Trips

Thinking about bringing your class to visit the Cathedral? Reservations are required for groups of 13+ people, so check out our Group Visits page for information on how to arrange a visit. The highlights tour is geared towards grades 4 and up.


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