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Special Photography Access

Capture the grandeur and splendor of the world’s sixth-largest cathedral, or discover intimate, dimly lit corners that showcase spectacular gothic architecture.
Most sessions focus on the main level of the Cathedral, but some will provide additional access to areas not always available. The Cathedral opens to the public at 10 am on these days, and you’re welcomed to remain for the rest of the day!

Upcoming Sessions

None at this time.


  • $30 per person for Inside Exposure; $45 per person for Prime Lens
90 minutes
  • Inside Exposure: focuses on the main level of the Cathedral; some sessions will include access to areas off the main floor such as the west balcony, overlooking the nave. Limited to 40-40 people.
  • Prime Lens Tour: exclusive access to smaller, off-limits areas, including the Great Choir, with its intricate wood carving, needlepoint cushions, and organ pipes; and Resurrection Chapel on the crypt level, a dim, intimate space full of mosaic tiles and Norman Romanesque architecture