View from the Nave: D.C. Parishes Listening Session

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 | 7:00pm

What does it mean in 21st century American society to claim the mantle of national cathedral, in a country without an established church?

How can Washington National Cathedral remain true to its founding charter as a house of prayer for all people and a church set aside for national purposes?

The Rev. Dr. Harvey Bale has been appointed by Bishop Budde and Dean Hollerith to Co-Chair a special Cathedral Task Force (CTF), looking into the question of the Cathedral's place in 21st Century society.

The diocesan CTF is to produce a report in the spring of 2018 addressing the role of our Cathedral in national life, as well as in the diocese and wider church. The Task Force will assess what it means for the Cathedral to remain true, in the 21st century, to its historical mission as a house of prayer for all people and a church set aside for national purposes. More broadly, the CTF is to consider how the Cathedral and all our congregations can engage in public prayer, public theology, and gospel-based advocacy without becoming captive to any partisan faction or secular ideology.

Congregation members are encouraged to attend one of the two discussion times to offer ideas and perspectives. See November 9th session. Please download the dialogue starter questions prior to the meeting.

Download discussion questions.