Training for Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)

Sunday, March 1, 2020 | 12:45pm

Providing support to one another, especially in times of crisis, illness or grief, is at the heart of our lives together as a Cathedral congregation. A Eucharistic Visitor is a lay person authorized to take the Consecrated Elements in a timely manner following a Celebration of Holy Eucharist to those unable to be physically present for worship services at the Cathedral throughout the year. Cathedral LEVs are sent out from the 9 am service. Eucharistic Visitors take the Eucharist to sick or incapacitated members, on request.

A new training session will be offered on March 1 after the 11:15 am service. Lunch will be provided. We will provide a manual for the participants which they need to read in preparation for the class. The books will be available in Margaret’s office. The EV volunteers should plan to serve on a rotation of every 4 weeks. RSVP to Margaret Rawls: [email protected].

  • Dates Offered
    • March 1, 2020 @ 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm