Take On Lent

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 | 5:30pm

Join the Cathedral Congregation this year and Take On rather than Give Up something for Lent. There is something for everyone—worship, music, fellowship, dinner, and your choice of five class offerings.

Jesus left Peter with the mandate to “Feed my sheep” (John 21:17), so this year, the Cathedral wants to feed your heart, mind, and belly with the theology of the Episcopal Church, the Bible and book studies, self-introspection and healing shaded with the love of God.

But here’s the catch—we want you to commit to journeying with us from Ash Wednesday to Easter Morning! Lent 2019 begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6. We also also have a Saturday Lenten Retreat on March 9 (9 am–12 pm).  The five weeks of Wednesday night suppers and classes begin March 13 and end April 10—and if you can only stay for supper, that’s ok, too.

Learn all about Take On Lent.

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    • January 1, 1970 |