Native American Inspirations

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 7:30pm

Native American people have had more influence on classical music than you might realize. For generations, the “Indianist” musical movement has mined Native American music and lore.

Classical composers incorporated American Indian musical ideas with some of the basic principles of Western music, to create a new, genuinely American music. Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, for one, drew inspiration from Native American musicians he encountered on his travels through the American heartland. And Arthur Farwell undertook astounding explorations of Native American culture for inspiration.

Experience the movement through music and dance in an evening presented by the PostClassical Ensemble, the Cathedral’s Ensemble-in-Residence.

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  • Introductory remarks by Representative Deb Haaland (New Mexico)
  • Native American music and dance
  • Antonin Dvorak: Larghetto from Violin Sonatina
  • Ferruccio Busoni: Indian Notebook No. 2 for solo piano
  • Arthur Farwell: 16-part a cappella choral pieces, songs, piano works
  • Curt Cacioppo: Five North American Indigenous Songs for a cappella chorus (DC premiere)
  • Jerod Tate: Shakamaxon for string orchestra (DC premiere)
  • Jerod Tate: “Resolution” from Standing Bear (DC premiere)
  • Commentary and discussion, including guest, tribal elder Chris Eagle Hawk


  • Bryan Akipa, Flute
  • Emmanuel Black Bear, singer/drummer
  • William Sharp, baritone
  • Emanuele Arciuli, piano
  • Cathedra
  • Post Classical Ensemble
  • Musician from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestras “Lakota Music Project”
  • Conductors - Angel Gil-Ordonez and Michael McCarthy
  • Admission
  • Dates Offered
    • October 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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