With Inquiring Minds and Rejoicing: Sunday Bible Study

Sunday, July 8, 2018 | 3:00pm

“The Bible really is the Word of God, containing everything necessary to our salvation, and therefore important for everyone to come to grips with ... with inquiring minds like Martin Luther, but also REJOICING.  If we are not having cathartic fun in our study, then we are missing the point.” —The Rev. Dr. Wesley Williams

Biblical scholar the Rev. Dr. Wesley Williams joins us for a series of Sunday Bible Studies.

Join Father Wes for weekly Bible study, using the upcoming Sunday lectionary and provided commentary as our guides. Each week, participants will receive the upcoming lectionary readings citations and insightful notes for weekly preparation via email. Each meeting will consist of presentation and discussion.

“I believe that everyone, to get the most out of worship, should come with a sound understanding of what the week's lections are about; and accordingly, I will endeavor to acquaint our enrollees with that background, while at the same time [providing approaches] for identifying and applying contextual factors like the essentials of our salvation history, proper translation and common mis-translation, a sense of how the texts feed theological soundness and one another, and so on.  I am a keen admirer of the Bible as literature so we will also consider how the beauty of the theology is more appreciated when seen in the context of the beauty of the literature per se.”

DATES & TIMES & LOCATION: Sundays, beginning July 8
Morning: 9:15 to 9:45 am: Bethlehem Chapel
Afternoon: 3 to 3:45 pm: Bethlehem Chapel through July 29. No August afternoon meetings.

LEADER: The Rev. Dr. Wesley Williams

MATERIALS: Bible of your choice. Participants will read the upcoming Sunday lectionary in preparation.

REGISTER: [email protected]

NOTE: These sessions may occasionally be canceled for a special Sunday morning worship program or for an afternoon concert. Participants will be notified in advance.

The Rev. Dr. Wesley S. Williams, Jr., is a lifelong student of scripture. He draws upon years of broad-ranging Bible study with Old and New Testament scholars of many denominations. As a layman, Wes Williams taught courses at St. John’s Lafayette Square and also led Bible study at his law firm.  Following his doctoral studies at Virginia Theological Seminary, Father Wes served the Episcopal Diocese of the Virgin Islands (U.S. and U.K.). In addition to parish ministry, he chaired the chaplaincy of the regional hospital and cancer institute on St. Thomas. In that role, he also taught Bible study for a decade and additionally, conducted weekly Bible study sessions at All Saints Cathedral and at two other churches on St. Thomas.

Father Wes is no stranger to life on the Close.  Before his ordination, Father Wes was President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Washington.  He has also served as the senior lay officer of the Washington National Cathedral Chapter.

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