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Finding Our Deep Anchor – An Evening of Spiritual Survival Strategies

Friday, May 12, 2017 | 6:00pm

In a time of political and social unrest, what led a medieval mystic to write the affirmation, “All shall be well?" How can we discover places and practices to ground us in peace and call us to act with love in the midst of the unrest of our own lives?

In a recent article outlining spiritual survival strategies, Sojourners magazine suggests learning from the medieval model of the anchor-hold, a "place housing the experience with God that [holds] one’s anchor deep." Finding these places and spiritual practices can ground us in love and offer us space to reflect on how we are being to called to share our gifts and wisdom with our community.

Join us for an evening of contemplative practices as we turn the 21st century Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage into a 14th century anchorite's cell, engaging imagination and meditation to nurture our faith and offer us hope in our fragmented world.