Anglican Liturgy: An Invitation to Transformation

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 | 7:00pm

Liturgy has the power to speak to us and transform us, equip and strengthen us, re-shape and re-orient us—as we encounter transcendence and the divine in worship. Organist and Associate Director of Music Benjamin Straley leads this 4-part study focused on the intersection of Liturgy and Theology and where we get caught up in that intersection, and what happens to us as a result. In January–February, Benjamin will offer a four-part series on the role of music in worship and liturgy.

So much of what we feel and experience in worship happens on the personal level, and yet the paradox is that we are in community when worshiping. How does that inform what we do and say and believe as the Body of Christ? How does worship equip us to go out into the world as the Body of Christ, and engage in the work of the Gospel? Bring your heart as well as your head to public prayer and, if you do, worship can change you!

A springboard for discussion will be Liturgical Life Principles: How Episcopal Worship Can Lead to Healthy and Authentic Living by Ian S. Markham, dean and president of Virginia Theological Seminary. “This book is a delightful introduction to the movement and flow of Episcopal services and demonstrates how the liturgy can transform human lives. Markham shows persuasively how the whole purpose of the Christian liturgy is to provide us with the resources to enable God to facilitate healthy and authentic living. ”
—Publisher notes.

“The time has come for the Episcopal Church to explain that the liturgy in our services is intended to provide hope, when hopelessness is the only option. It is intended to enable us to cope, when coping is difficult. It is intended to help confront the demons of our past, when we imagine that the demons are bound to triumph. This is the Gospel. This is the purpose of our shared liturgical life.”
—Ian S. Markham

Come away with a deeper understanding of the context of our current liturgical rites, and of the way they can speak to us and change us. Find yourself entering even more deeply into worship, with a heightened awareness of how radical it is that we encounter the living God so intimately, and what it means to do that together as a community.

This program is open to all interested to find out more about the history of our worship, the “whys” of worship, and the theology behind worship/liturgy.


Date and time: Wednesdays, October 5 and 19; November 10 and 16, 7–8:30 pm
Facilitator: Benjamin Straley
Registration: No fee; all are welcome. Sign-up required. Please contact Registrations
Recommended Materials: Liturgical Life Principles: How Episcopal Worship Can Lead to Healthy and Authentic Living by Ian S. Markham, dean and president of Virginia Theological Seminary. [Morehouse Publishing, 112 page paperback and kobo ebook] and the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).


Benjamin Straley is Associate Director of Music and Organist for Washington National Cathedral, and a postulant for the priesthood in the Diocese of Connecticut. He has a Master of Music and a Master of Divinity from Yale, and was enrolled in the Institute of Sacred Music during both of those degree programs. He also has a Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. “My primary introduction into the Episcopal Church and my deeper life in Christ was the result of liturgy, and my primary area of interest in both my M. Mus. and M. Div. programs was liturgy and liturgical theology, and I was awarded the Thomas Philips Memorial Award for showing exceptional achievement and further promise in the study and practice of Anglican liturgy. The topic of this course is at the very heart of what my vocation is, and what continues to speak to and inform me most strongly as a follower of Jesus Christ.”

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