The Now and Forever Windows

racial & social justice
The Cathedral’s Now and Forever Windows capture the resilience, faith and endurance of African Americans and our nation’s struggle with the original sins of racism and slavery. Catch up on the entire project and stay informed about upcoming related events. learn more

Catch up on Seasonal and Special Programs

Here at the crossroads of sacred and civic life, the Cathedral’s public programs offer opportunities to open your mind by changing your heart. You’re invited to join us, in-person or online, as we dive deep into issues of faith, social justice and civic responsibility.

Special Forum: Democracy, Faith and America’s Role in the World

A conversation with David Ignatius, Joe Scarborough, and Jon Meacham explores the lessons of the Marshall Plan experience for American today. Is a divided country capable of big things? Can democracies truly rise to the challenges inherent to a world of appetite and ambition?

Ignatius Forum

Every year, the Cathedral’s Ignatius Forum brings together the sharpest minds and most eloquent voices to tackle contemporary issues of ethics, scientific exploration, moral responsibility and global affairs. Previous programs are available for on-demand viewing.

Honest to God Series

The Cathedral’s “Honest to God” series brings together people from different faith traditions to discuss how the values of their faith influence their work and their leadership. These conversations with wisdom leaders, theologians, public figures and others aim to offer spiritual insights for uncertain times.