On Aug. 23, 2011, a rare 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck the mid-Atlantic and caused significant damage to the Cathedral. In the years since, repair crews have been working their way around the building in phases to replace damaged stone, shore up wobbly pinnacles and reinforce the Cathedral to protect against future damage.

All repairs are funded by the generous donations of private individuals and foundations. To date, we have completed roughly $24 million in repairs, and the Cathedral for the Future campaign aims to raise the necessary funds to complete the work. Thank you for your support!

Stonemason working on earthquake restoration of Cathedral stones

Rounding the Corner

Cathedral Age Feature
We’re about half-way through repairs to fix damage from the 2011 earthquake. The newest edition of Cathedral Age includes an update about substantial progress along the Cathedral’s south side – and a preview of the hard and expensive work remaining. read article

Earthquake Restoration Timelapse

Workers dismantle 40,000 pounds of stone and hitch a crane ride down to the ground with an Old Testament prophet. Timelapse photos and video by Colin Winterbottom. Photographs by Colin Winterbottom and Joe Alonso.