A Letter from the Chairs

The vicar’s message about the light that lives within us and the power that light brings to the Cathedral is an important step forward from last year’s message of “Belonging.” As members of the body of Christ, we belong—to God, to this Cathedral Church and to each other. This year’s campaign theme, “Many Fragments, One Light,” honors both the body and the spirit of our Cathedral congregation.

We come together from all walks of life, and for many reasons, to bring forth the light of Christ’s hope. We do it with our actions—as individuals, together, for each other and for the world around us. This is what Jesus meant when he implored the disciples to love their neighbors as they love themselves.

Feeding this this light requires not only the power of our spirits, but our financial commitment. This past church year made clear just how much of a difference your commitment makes. You embodied a church that shines a light on poverty and injustice, illuminates hospitality to the friend and newcomer, brings new light to spiritual exploration and glows every time we gather on Sunday.

God has given us each our own light. Each individual light has blessed us and helped show us the way. In the spirit of thankfulness, we seek to share those blessings with those around us. We ask each of you to prayerfully consider a financial commitment to the light of the church, so that others may be freed from darkness. We are so very grateful for your past support and your decision to belong to the Cathedral. At this stewardship season, we hope you will choose to continue your partnership through prayer, involvement and financial support.

­—Anne Stubbs & Diane Kollar
Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs


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Ministry Minute

Congregation members share what stewardship means to them, and why they support the Cathedral Family’s ministry through their financial commitment.

October 21: Carol Cropp & Jeff Wilson

October 14: Rob Strassburger

October 7: Catherine Able-Thomas

You are the Light of the World

Your generosity is vital.

The lights of your hearts are simply astounding. When the call went out to gift Thanksgiving meals to our D.C. neighbors, you set a goal to feed 1,000 families and exceeded it! The same generosity occurred with Advent gifts and Easter baskets. The multitudes of volunteers at the March for Our Lives vigil made it a once-in-a-lifetime event where grief resurrected into hope for the thousands who traveled from all over the country to be healed by the Cathedral’s balm.

Pastoral care through prayers and home communion visits testified to the light we bring one another. You supported spiritual nourishment through lectures, Bible studies, Wednesday night suppers, the Take on Lent program and the Puerto Rico mission trip. These were all expressions of the desire to be part of a community that is a light to the world.

As you consider your financial commitment to the Cathedral, trust that the light God has given you will continue to shine—in fact, shine brighter—as you share it with others. We each bring our own light, and all light adds to the brightness of Christ’s love.

Where are you in your calling to meaningful financial stewardship?

We all find ourselves in stages, and whether it’s a period of abundance or a period of challenge, our circumstances are unique. The key to living a financially generous life is prayerful and thoughtful discernment and trust in God’s will for your life. When you give, the act of giving will sustain you, renew you and bless you.

Next Steps

Sunday, November 4: In-Gathering Sunday

Through the month of October, we will celebrate what it means to belong to God’s beloved community. On Celebration Sunday, November 4, we will have an “in-gathering” of our commitment cards during each worship service, and a special thanksgiving coffee hour celebration following each service.

We encourage you to spend the weeks leading up to In-Gathering Sunday prayerfully reflecting on your pledge gift for the coming year. Then, complete the Commitment Card and bring it with you on November 4.

Can’t attend?

We encourage you to place the commitment card in the plate on a Sunday leading up to October 28, or return it by mail:

Washington National Cathedral
Attn: Development
3101 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016-5098


Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

via email:
Brian Johnson
Vicar Dana
via phone: (202) 537-5768