A Letter from the Chairs

As members of the Cathedral Congregation, we do indeed “share one bread.” It is a bread we create together, made up of our combined contributions of time, talent, and treasure. Together we ensure there is enough for all to taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

Together we will share in this Stewardship Season. Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to hear from your fellow congregation members, to reflect on the gifts God has given to you, and to consider how you wish to show thanks for those gifts.

The volunteer members of your Stewardship Committee are here to support you. Stewardship Committee members will be present at coffee hours throughout the Stewardship Season, and will be reaching out individually to answer questions and serve as a resource. We look forward to coming together on Sunday, November 3rd to celebrate our combined commitment to and investment in our shared ministry and our church family.

­—Anne Stubbs & Diane Kollar
Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs



Pledges to the General Cathedral Fund are the Lifeblood of our Ministries

Your pledge is the beautiful music that centers us on a Sunday morning, the sermon that stirs the spirit and nurtures the soul, and the liturgy that brings us deeper into our walk with Christ. Your gift is directed to where it is most needed to best serve our congregation, our neighbors, and this grand and glorious space.

Pledging is an important spiritual exercise which allows you to reflect on the gifts God has given you and to show your thanks for those gifts by giving back to the Church. Financial pledges are a promise to our church family and a commitment to remain engaged in the life of the Congregation and its ministries.  For the Cathedral, pledges inform the operating budget and help our leaders plan for outreach, education, and other important programs.



Next Steps

Through the month of October, we will celebrate what it means to belong to God’s beloved community. On Celebration Sunday, November 3, we will have an “in-gathering” of our commitment cards during each worship service, and a special thanksgiving coffee hour celebration following each service.

We encourage you to spend the weeks leading up to In-Gathering Sunday prayerfully reflecting on your pledge gift for the coming year. Then, complete the Commitment Card and bring it with you on November 3.

Can’t attend? Place your pledge card in the plate on Sundays leading up to November 3, or return it by mail:

Washington National Cathedral
Attn: Development
3101 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016-5098


For any questions about pledging, please contact us.

via email:
Emily Davis
Vicar Dana

via phone: (202) 537-5768


‘Be known to us, Lord Jesus, in the breaking of the bread. The bread which we break, alleluia, is the communion of the body of Christ. One body are we, alleluia, for though many we share one bread.’

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Save the Date!

You’re invited! Join us on November 3 for Celebration Sunday.

We will have an “in-gathering” of pledge cards during each worship service, and a special thanksgiving coffee hour celebration.

Ministry Minutes

Congregation Rob Strassburger shared last year what supporting the Cathedral Family’s ministry meant to him.

Check back throughout Stewardship Season for new ministry minutes!

Pledge through stocks, bonds, or property

Learn more about giving through appreciated securities, retirement plans, life insurance, and stock.

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