What We Do

The Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry provides support and solidarity for our immigrant brothers and sisters who are being wrongfully profiled, and who risk detention, deportation, and family separation. The Ministry was formed in response to resolutions passed by the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in support of immigrants and calling for meaningful reform of U.S. immigration law, policy, and practice.

Who We Are

  • We are a visible compassionate face and voice for immigrants and refugees who come to our country in search of safety for themselves and their families.
  • We are a loving spiritual sanctuary of support for those whose lives are threatened and upended because of their status in our country.
  • We are a people of faith who, through prayer and action, support vulnerable immigrants, letting them know that there are others who pray for them and have their interest at heart.

Our Missions

  • Educate congregations within the Diocese of Washington, as well as ministries of other faith traditions, about U.S. immigration policy, the current plight of immigrants, and actions underway to support them.
  • Advocate, in partnership with The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and Washington National Cathedral, a just immigration system consistent with our scriptural mandate to “not wrong or oppress a resident alien” (Exodus 22:21).
  • Offer prayers of solidarity and healing for immigrants in an ecumenical and interfaith context by encouraging the inclusion of intercessions for their safety and welfare in weekly services of every congregation, by organizing prayer vigils and special services to demonstrate love and empathy, and by Ministry members praying with and for them according to their spiritual and pastoral needs.
    Reach out to Episcopal parishes in the Washington metropolitan area with large numbers of immigrants at risk of detention or deportation to aid in their efforts to protect their members.
  • Train members of the Ministry and the public, equipping them with sufficient knowledge, skills, and courage to accompany immigrants to their check-ins with immigration authorities and to visit those confined in detention centers.
  • Participate in the Congregation Action Network and other local and national institutions, faith-based coalitions, and human rights groups to ensure safety, security, and due process for immigrants and their families.

Get Involved!

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