Professional Singers Application Update

We are now accepting application information for interested Staff Singers and Substitutes. Please submit a résumé along with two audio/video recordings of contrasting style that best show off your voice to [email protected].

After reviewing application materials, we will reach out in a timely manner to schedule an in-person audition.

Please see information below for more details regarding Staff Singer and Substitute Positions.

  • The Cathedral maintains a regular roster of professional singers as well as an extensive roster of substitutes. Singers are paid $120 per call; each call lasts a maximum of three hours, which includes both rehearsal and performance. Professional singers are not called for a regular weekly rehearsal; rather, music is rehearsed immediately prior to each service.
  • In addition to a high level of vocal proficiency, applicants need to be excellent sight readers and adept at singing across a number of musical styles.