Join us for one of our weekly prayer gatherings:

Listening for God

Tuesdays, 5–5:45 pm (confirm with Cathedral calendar

Listen for the voice of God in the words of scripture, in community, and in silence. In this modified version of the ancient monastic practice of Lectio Divina (holy reading), we read the gospel lesson for the coming Sunday and reflect on how the Spirit is speaking to us in the present moment.

Centering Prayer

Tuesdays, 6–7 pm; Wednesdays, 8:10–8:30 am; Wednesdays, 1:10–1:30 pm (confirm with Cathedral calendar

Move beyond thoughts, words and emotions into a time of quiet contemplation during this time of silent prayer. The Tuesday sessions include a time for teaching and discussion prior to the time of silence. The last Tuesday of the month in lieu of a teaching and discussion, join us for a time of intercessions as we pray for ourselves, our communities and our world. Twenty minutes of silence follows the period of shared prayers.

Want to learn more about Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer?

The Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage is part of the Contemplative Outreach international network. Learn more about the practices or find a group in your area at or email us at for questions about the Center’s contemplative prayer gatherings.

“Spirituality without a prayer life is no spirituality at all, and it will not last beyond the first defeats. Prayer is an opening of the self so that the Word of God can break in and make us new. Prayer unmasks. Prayer converts. Prayer impels. Prayer sustains us on the way. Pray for the grace it will take to continue what you would like to quit.”

—Joan D. Chittister, In a High Spiritual Season