Amid the majesty and grandeur of gothic architecture are examples of amusing architectural details, puns, lighthearted carvings, and stained-glass cartoons. Discover a doctor in an old-time buggy racing after a stork, a story in stone about a Nantucket sleigh ride, a wrought iron gate that unexpectedly wiggles, a dentist drilling a cavity in the tusk of his walrus patient, and so much more! Please note, this tour spends time both outside and inside.

about thematic tours

These small-group tours are best suited for ages 10+ and focus on thematic topics or specific areas of the Cathedral, including voices of history, sacred art and architectural topics. If you are a returning visitor, or if you want to know more about this national landmark, our themed tours will open your mind and touch your heart. See other upcoming Thematic Tours offered.

NOTE: As a living and active community of faith, the Cathedral’s schedule and ability to welcome visitors is subject to unexpected changes. If a conflict arises and we cannot be open for touring at the date/time you have purchased, we will contact you by email and your credit card will be refunded.