Building upon the dedication of the Elie Wiesel carving, this afternoon workshop will explore the long entangled history of antisemitism and Christianity, its implications during the Holocaust, and some of the ways that contemporary theologians, faith leaders, and educators address these legacies today. The workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about this history. We especially welcome faith leaders, professionals, and educators from all religious backgrounds. 


Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand, Director, Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dr. Philip Cunningham, Professor of Theology and Director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations, St. Joseph’s University

Dr. Benjamin Sax, Jewish Scholar, Institute for Islamic, Jewish, and Christian Studies

The Rev. Dr. Katherine Sonderegger, The William Meade Professor of Systematic Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary

This event will be held online via Zoom. Registration is required.

Image: Nun Gives the Nazi Salute During the “Tag der Arbeit” [Labor Day] Parade and Rally, Courtesy of Stadtarchiv Dachau, SLG Fotochroniken, X-117