New York Times columnist David Brooks recently wrote, “Everywhere I go, people are coping with an avalanche of negative emotions—shock, pain, contempt, anger, anxiety, fear.” He asks, “How can you prevent yourself from becoming embittered, hate-filled, calloused over, suspicious and desensitized?”

For three weeks this Advent, we hope to address this question by offering the balm of healing that the birth of the Christ child promises us. Through meditations of Sabbath-taking, spiritual contemplation, and spiritual psychology, you will be given new eyes and hearts to lead with love in these harsh times.

Join the Rev. Jo Nygard Owens, the Rev. Canon Dana Corsello, and a weekly special guest this Advent season as they host a Zoom webinar series that helps us understand healing the world begins with healing ourselves. This is how a weary world rejoices! Free to attend. Please register in advance.

Week 2: Featuring The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston

about this week’s guest

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston is a Native American elder whose spiritual writings are read by tens of thousands of people around the world. He is the retired Episcopal bishop of Alaska, the holder of three honorary doctorates, and a theologian with a long academic career. A citizen of the Choctaw Nation, his family walked the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma in the 1830’s.