This Cathedral was built to mimic England in the 14th century ... and now's your chance to take a musical journey back in time.

images of performers from Secret Byrd

Chances are if you think of a Cathedral concert, you imagine a crowded house of 2,000 people attending Handel’s Messiah.  Which, let’s be clear, is pretty awesome.

But imagine a candlelit setting in the Cathedral crypt for only 120, where you’re transported back to the religious struggles of Reformation England as Catholics and Protestants battle it out (literally) for control of the country’s destiny.

Across four performances in Bethlehem Chapel, “Secret Byrd” marks the 400-year legacy of William Byrd, England’s finest composer. From visionary Bill Barclay, who will premiere the world tour at the Cathedral on March 4 and 5, featuring the Cathedral’s resident vocal ensemble, Cathedra:

Byrd was a recusant Catholic writing secret masses to be sung by worshippers during the Reformation. These masses were held in people’s homes with smuggled priests and hidden Catholic artifacts. Byrd’s courage in using his art to allow people the freedom of belief inspires us today, when three quarters of the world’s population still live in countries engaging in some form of religious intolerance.

Here’s a teaser to give you a taste of this unique concert format:

Get your tickets today! Tickets are still available for the matinee performances on March 4 and the 7 pm performance on March 5.


Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Public Affairs Officer